Our Unique Approach


Our Teams – at your service

Well experienced, highly talented and highly motivated individuals group into teams that look deeply at your challenges and  energize with solutions.


Commitment to Quality – No Compromise

Aristotle’s famous quote “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”  is inherent in our work flow, products and services in all sectors.  Our partners breath quality and our customers demand no less. Our business processes are quality driven and assured.


Efficient Communication

Timeliness and veracity in communications ensure both trading and services are understood, conceptualized and delivered optimally with maximum interaction between all parties involved 


Market Intelligence

Deep knowledge about the market, competition, products, services , logistics and after sales support provide CINI Solution a unique basis for being both competitive and resilient in its business activities.


Customized Solutions in Trading,  Services and Specialist Sectors

We listen carefully to your needs and provide custom solutions through engagement with specialists from our vendors or in-house. Our trading and services eco-system is configured to understand your needs and provide a truly customized proposal to meet your requirements