Mining and Primary Material Supply

Having access to raw materials directly from the source provides CINISOLUTIONS both access and pricing advantages. For these reasons, CINISOLUTIONS under the original initiative of AL Hashemi Group invested in understanding primary raw material sources for construction materials. Geological surveying activities and exploration of mines for limestone, dolomite, gypsum, aggregates, talc, onyx and marble . Currently CINI Solutions has access to over 30 mines through mining rights or partnerships in these regions with primary level processing and logistics to Qatar. It has aligned the raw materials to Qatar National Specifications and in many cases superseding them. We are strongly positioned as leading players in the mining sector and have a competitive ability to supply materials to the construction Industry that has been the legacy of the Al Hashemi Family for over 80 years.

More recently, the surveying, exploration and mining has been extended to precious metals with exploration and exploitation licences in several countries in Africa. This area is developed scientifically and extensive expertise in geology, mining technologies and commercial evaluation has been developed. CINISOLUTIONS has established credibility and acquired active mines that will provide it significant growth as a player in the precious metals space.

The investments and capacity building has positioned CINISOLUTIONS as a mining company of the future that cares for the local community empowerment through social activities in education and vocational training. We strive to have sustainable business with local economic rejuvenation.