About CINI

01. Strategic

CINI Solutions, since its inception in 2016, strove to become a multi-discipline trading centre and service provider. Its business acumen is  driven by identifying market needs and formulating solutions to customer satisfaction. After many years of effort, CINI Solutions has build the team, research capability, market network and the business processes that have positioned it in the market for growth and stability within challenging situations. Its unique approach and customer satisfaction in providing cost-effective solutions to their needs testifies unequivocally in this regard.

02. Professional

With a focus on Trading and Services in Construction, Media, IT and Scientific Supplies, CINI Solutions has built productive relations with world class vendors, direct sources and dynamic cutting edge technologies to deliver the needs in each sector. Investment in talented human resource and strategic technologies  coupled with sound business modeling has given CINI Solutions strong market positioning for multi-sector business development and growth. CINI Solutions has made its mark with continuity in the sectors it has touched.


CINI Solutions welcomes the market to its hands on approach to solving problems through direct access to natural resources, technologies and talented experts. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs!!